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Don Jazzy’s Career Is Not Dead Same As Mine -K Solo



Nigerian music producer, Solomon Oyeniyi, fondly called K-Solo, was confronted by a follower on social media after he criticized Big Brother Naija’s Khloe because she was being disqualified from the house.

K-Solo was asked by the follower to revive his dead career instead of criticizing a more known personality.

But in his reaction to that, he mentioned that if Don Jazzy’s last hit was in years back, then his career could be considered dead too.

Also in an interview with SUNDAY SCOOP,  The producer said he could not ignore the attack on him because he was also human too.

In his words;

“I usually ignore them but at times, I feel the need to reply some people. Even as a celebrity, I should have my own opinion on things. I am human and the person I talked about is someone I know very well. I feel bad that she was evicted and I came to Twitter to speak my mind. I was upset that someone attacked me for it,” 

He believes he is not doing badly in his chosen field. The music producer added,

“I released a video in November last year, Wish Me Well. I don’t know what people mean by a dead career in Nigeria. I still help the new ones regularly.You cannot say Bola Tinubu has no political career again unless you are dumb. The only difference between Tinubu and Governor Ambode now is that one is a former governor while the other is current and active. But that doesn’t make Tinubu irrelevant.

“Do you call Don Jazzy’s career dead too because the last time he produced a hit song, Godwin, was years ago. If something fresh comes up and people embrace it, it doesn’t mean that others don’t exist any longer. Cobhams Asuquo last had a major hit song seven years ago when he produced Asa’s album. But he did the GT Bank advert we all listen to and many people don’t know this.

“I have been working; I do lots of adverts. When I was very popular, I didn’t have the money I’m making now. I laugh when people say rubbish about me because they don’t know my worth. The good thing is that I used my time well and things I did are still there for all to see.”

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Build Your Dreams into A Million Dollar Enterprise- The Interview with the C.E.O of Corportate Garri, Apoeso Ifedayo




Everyone has a talent but the successful ones are those who are able to harness it. It’s the same with business ideas. Here’s the truth… You cannot  keep procrastinating, saying you will do something and think you’re better than someone else who has already done it because you have the same idea. No, there is a big difference between potentiality and actualization. You can’t sit and wait for someone to drop some cash in your hand before you start something. True legends fight for what they believe in. It makes their story sweeter to tell.

Then again, your idea does not have to be the same as the next guy. Something comes to your mind, build on it. Don’t let mockery or ridicule discourage you. They don’t understand your vision but at the end of the day, they would clamor to be a part of the mission because you made that decision to fight for what you want. The little things matter too. Enough story, let’s give a practical example.

Its much easier to relate when we meet people who have turned basic ideas into a business empire which is why we bring to you, the C.E.O of Corporate Garri, Apoeso Ifedayo.

Corporate Garri is a brand dedicated to an exquisitely unique way of rebranding and selling Garri. He is going to enlighten us on how to make your business as unique as possible and most importantly, the most burdening questions about garri.

  1. What does corporate garri stand for ?

Corporate Garri is a brand under 0965Foods. The concept behind the name is the way we carry out our services. We sell our product in a corporate way, what distinguishes us from other Garri sellers is that swag we have added to selling Garri. We have been able to make Garri a luxury and not just a common man’s food as people call it.


  1. Where did the idea of “corporate garri” emanate from?

The idea came during my undergraduate days, my style of selling then made people call me the Corporate Garri Seller, I remember going into the 100level class with my suit to sell and the way I was received was amazing, just like the popular saying that “the way you dress is the way you will be addressed”.


  1. What purpose does garri serve in the body?

As we know Garri is derived from cassava and it falls under the class of food carbohydrate. It is a good source of energy.


  1. Is it true that taking milk allows the garri to process easier in the body?

There are no medical facts to back it up. What works for A might not work for B. Some enjoy their Garri with or without milk and it does process well.


  1. What are the challenges you face with your enterprise?

Funding is the key challenge but we believe in the starting small and dreaming big. We are not where we are when we started. We keep growing, improving and getting better daily.


  1. One advice for someone who wants to start his own made in Nigeria food business?

For you to start any business relating to food or whatsoever, I will advise you understand how it works. The fact that A sells a particular type of food doesn’t mean you will excel if you delve into it. The most important thing is the new thing you are bringing to the market. Creativity and Innovation is what stands you out.


  1. How healthy is Garri especially for weight watchers?

Anybody can take Garri it depends on how you take it. Irrespective of the fact you are watching your weight. Portion control is key, we don’t just sell Garri, we sell with it things that make it enjoyable yet healthy like peppered gizzard, peppered ponmo, moimoi etc. We are the first Garri kitchen in Nigeria and we hope to expand our brand so as for people to know more about us. We are still testing the market but we hope to launch soonest.


  1. How does one make Garri more appealing to the eyes and taste bud

If you go through our page on Instagram you will discover we give daily inspiration on how to enjoy your Garri. What makes us different is that, we have moved from the conventional Garri, milk and sugar to making you like your Garri with peppered snail, gizzard, ponmo ( cow skin) etc.


  1. What is the most ridiculous thing you have heard about Garri?

None for now.

  1. How does one reach you to purchase your products?
  • We can be contacted via our social media platforms: Instagram and Twitter: @Corporate_Garri call: 07032716376; Whatsapp: 08055315769; Email:


  • We operate from our office at Ogun State and run a mobile office or shop in Lagos. They Also have a distributor in U.K (Comfort Nibbles)

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I’ve Moved On – Collins, Nina’s Boyfriend




BBNaija reality show may have ended but its reverberations are still being felt. The results of the actions of some contestants in the house still manifest after the show.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Collins, Nina’s estranged boyfriend maintained that he had moved on. He said, “I really don’t want to comment on this issue. I have moved on with my life and that’s all that matters.”

When pressed for further comments, he stressed, “I don’t want it to seem like I’m seeking for cheap publicity and I don’t want the issue to drag unnecessarily. That’s why I haven’t said anything.”

Meanwhile, Miracle has said he is more concerned with making money than exploring a relationship with Nina. He had explained during an interview, “My relationship with Nina does not change outside the house; we are still good friends. I plan to make good use of the friendship with Nina; at least, it will reduce the proximity of female fans and all. With her, it is easier to set the barrier.

“Yes, we are still good friends. We can be (together in future). I have feelings for her but there is time for everything. We are both young now and marriage is not the next thing. The goal is to make money. You never can tell what happens though and I hope you know that Nina and I are both from Imo State. So, anything can happen.

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BBNaija 2018: Cee-c reveals next plans




Big Brother Naija `Double Wahala’ 1st runner-up,Cee-c has revealed her next step after the reality show has ended.

Cee-c, speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria at the Laurent-Perrier night by Play Network Nigeria, in Abuja said she will be going to a film school to study script writing.

“I want to write scripts that would portray strong characters and depict a society where different people who share different opinions are appreciated.

“Many people are not confident enough to express their values and opinions.

“My next priority this year is to go to a film school because I am aspiring to also produce.

“I will definitely go to a film school because I want to become a producer; I want to tell stories; that is my plan for this year”.

The ex-housemate, who also spoke on her love for artificial eyelashes, said she does not think she can do without it; however, she expressed the desire to also do without them.

“I have been fixing lashes for about five years now consistently, I am used to it; I don’t think I can do without it but I must try to do without it”.

“I think it is because of my poor eyesight, they kind of help me out when I squint.”

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“I learnt how to live, breath more & believe at the Big Brother Naija show – RICO SWAVEY




“I learnt to how to live, breath more & believe at the big brother naija show as an housemate”.

In an exclusive chat with Datjoblessboi TV, the former Big brother Naija housemate talks about life after the Big Brother Naija house exit, what he learnt from the show & what we should expect from him.

He also revealed that he would be releasing some of his singles. In his words , he said “Couple of my singles coming out very soon!”

Catch all the exclusive glimpse on DJBTV; Subscribe to our YouTube channel :


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BBNaija: I and Alex Could Be A Thing – Tobi




Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Tobi has finally spoken on his relationship with Alex.

When asked if he will date Alex, Tobi told Big Brother host, Ebuka during Sunday Live show that he would date her if she agrees to.

He said “I would not lie, I would date Alex if she wants to.

“We are friends at the moment Ebuka.”

Both housemates developed chemistry all through the week after Alex emerged head of house.

It should be recalled that Alex saved Tobi with her chance card after all housemates were up for eviction.

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