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5 Amazing Restaurants You Need To Try in Nairobi, Kenya



Nairobi’s multicultural restaurant scene is attracting cutting-edge, globe-traveling culinary talent. Kenya’s bustling capital is already renowned for its innovative fashion designers, stunning landscapes and tea and coffee trade, but it should also be recognized for its fast-growing foodie culture. From slow-cooked Indian BBQ to sushi with a view, here are the ten best spots to eat in Nairobi.

Hashmi BBQ

This family-run Indian BBQ joint is located within Nairobi’s ever-popular mall, Nakumatt Ukay. Hashmi’s boasts a divine take on Indian BBQ with must-try dishes including the chooza chicken with  sauce, the fish tikka eaten with fiery poussin chips, and the khima chapatti served with a generous helping of garden salad. The food is deliciously spicy and not recommended for the fainthearted. With simple interiors and affordable dishes, it’s no surprise that Hashmi’s is always heaving. Expect queues during weekends.


Located in picturesque Karen, home to the sought-after Kitengela glass-blowers and local wildlife park, Tamarind cooks up the best in Kenyan seafood. The menu is continental and offers an extensive selection of seafood and meat dishes. Local favorites include deep-fried crab claws and garlic jumbo prawns. The elegant and serene space is inviting and perfect for sampling a cold glass of a South Africansauvignon blanc. Don’t be put off if you’re not a fan of seafood, Tamarind’s vegetarian and meat selection are widely recognized as being equally exceptional.


Misono is Nairobi’s choice of all things Japanese: sushi, sashimi and local favorite teppenyaki. Situated in the bustling heart of Ngong, this family-run gem oozes a sophisticated and indulgent dining experience. The downstairs is equipped with three teppenyaki tables, while the upstairs à la carte seating is elegant and refined. Try the local lobster from Lake Naivasha that features on the six-course teppenyaki menu or the dynamite and California rolls to order.

AA MithaiwallaI

t’s all about biryani and mithai’s at AA Mithaiwalla, one of Nairobi’s few long-standing culinary establishments. Founded over 50 years ago by Abdulahi Alibhai Mithaiwalla, his son, Shabir takes pride in continuing the family legacy. This is a welcoming eatery loved by the locals in Pangani for its array of affordable sweet and savory Indian treats. Favorites like lamb biryani and malai ka khaja offer up a taste of traditional Mughlai cuisine preserved by the founder’s own Indian heritage. This quaint hot spot, ten minutes from the CBD, is best for impromptu takeaways and casual dining.


The New York Times has proclaimed Talisman Nairobi’s best restaurant. Its interior comprises Middle Eastern tapestry and Kenyan craft, and Talisman is the place to go for unrivaled candle-lit al fresco dining. It plays host to a series of regular exhibitions on African art and hosts monthly foodie events. The continental menu stretches from Japan to Zanzibar, Limuru to Mombasa. Start with the feta and coriander samosa’s doused in chili-ginger jam, followed by the deluxe burger layered with apple slaw, bacon and cheese, and finish with smooth and spicy Turkish coffee paired with famous Malindi Indian halwa. Booking is highly recommended.


Mainland Girl; An Introduction




Hey y’all, welcome welcome to Mainland Girl. You can subscribe to my podcast by subscribing to the blog and following me on instagram @ayomiee__ ( turn on post notifications) to know when I drop new content. This year is all about being intentional, if I have something in mind, I’m just going to do it and think of the repercussions and guilt trips later.

Mesa thinksa I be keuute like that

A quick brief on what mainland girl is about once again: Mainland girl is my experiment into the real world. There’s so much going on my head that i feel the need to just share it with all you awesome humans in my life. For my premier episodes, I’ll be doing a series of podcasts which are similar to dares but in this case, I’m just checking a lot off my bucket list. I may be cringe worthy but at least i’m having fun doing it.

You feeling what I’m feeling boo?

I write as the mood sways

I laugh, I cry, I scream, I hurt but that doesn’t make me bipolar

I’d tell you to call me gay but I don’t wanna confuse you so just tag me optimistic

I’d take tons of selfies but I am no photographer

I am a closet dancer, totally useless on the dance floor

My moves would make you cry but only with joy

I would sing at the top of my voice but I can’t assure you that you would enjoy it

I will try crazy dares but I won’t slap a cop

I like to have memorable experiences and I would like to share that with you

Who am I?

I’m your Mainland Girl-

This was my intro in my second podcast audio but you catch my drift.

On a cool kids vibe

As time progresses, I would be making videos to provide a clearer visual representation of how fun and cringe worthy I am

So yeah, this is me.

Welcome to Mainland Girl. If you haven’t listened to my podcast yet, it’s available on 7 platforms which would be listed below:




Google Podcasts

Radio Republic




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My #BaileysBakeFest2 Experience




I haven’t been out in ages so this was a good time as any to let loose and actually have fun. Let’s start from the top…

On our way to the Baileys Bake Fest 2018,we were entertained in the bus by our fellow Nigerians arguing about football. The argument was about who would score the first goal. Sigh…If only they knew. Okay I’m sidetracking. Fast forward to when we got to where we were going to,the rain decided to grace us with its presence.

Drenched and hungry,we stepped into the Sugar and Sweets Factory that was the Baileys bake fest at Muri Okunola Park,Victoria Island.

Surprise surprise, the rain didn’t stop people from attending. From the Slay queens to the drag queens to the MCE’s and thug life, this event had it all.

Each registration tag came with a fan. I do have an issue with the fact that it kicked off by 1pm as opposed to the stipulated 10a.m but still, I was determined to explore and have some fun.

Here’s how the bakefest works. You have tons of food vendors who sell baileys infused pastries,drinks and what not.

Then you have outdoor games of different varieties to play and win a gift ( I won none😪. More about that later)

Then you have the focal point of the event which is the Celebrity chef cook/bake off. There were 4 teams,two of which had some of my favorite celebrities; Bisola and Toke Makinwa(her skin really is flawless).

Back to me. In exploring,I came across a lot. The first cake I got,very beautiful on the outside,not much to say about the inside. I didn’t enjoy it so much. I’d give it 5 for effort out of 10. Funny how they had the most gorgeous booth there

See how pretty the cake is?

Then I got to play some games. I have to say,Golf is not my way. My first shot hit a guy in his bum. I was really embarrassed because he was far from me. The things I do for fun…

I was ready to break the ball at this point but the service guy wasn’t looking friendly

So I forged ahead to something less tasking

My friend cheated so it was a draw

This game was quite disturbing because of the way this guy was riding the bull. If you know,you know

There was an eating competition!!!!

See I decided there is no way I’m meeting my future husband with my mouth stuffed with 7 pieces of puffpuff. Mehn,there are better ways to die. Besides my crush was at this event. What if he sees me? I just couldn’t risk it. So I opted out but here’s how it looked like

The task is to finish 10 in 45 seconds. Remember that song..”ajeku iya ni yoo je”

General Overview

I could go on and on about the bakefest but I’d like to rest soon.

The treats were delicious and affordable, within the range of 500-2000. I stumbled on a better cake studio. Chocolate cake with cheese filling…the feeling was magical

I had ice cream as well but it was not as amazing as this chocolate cake

The games were crazy. There was Limbo and a 360 camera. Classy and fun at the same time. It takes a lot to pull that off.

Then the hosts which were Lolo and Chuey Chu…I just appreciate them for not cracking dry jokes. They were jovial and chill enough. I saw some girls trying to corner Chuey tho. Poor guy.

At the end of the day, the team I was rooting for,they won. Team Cupid or rather,team CuBis ( Bisola’s team). For those who attended,I hope you had as much fun as I did.

These donuts were delicious

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3 famous historical sites to visit in Thailand




Thailand’s rich history dates back to thousands of years. The impressive landmarks we see today are remnants of the ancient temples and Buddhist architecture built by several emperors that ruled the country at the time. Thailand is a great place to visit especially if you’re a history enthusiast as you’ll get to see breathtakingly beautiful historical sites, some of which are preserved and recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

If you’re interested in exploring Thailand’s famous historical landmarks, let me walk you through some of Thailand’s frequently visited historical sites by tourists and travellers from around the world.

Phra Pathom Chedi

The picturesque ruins of the oldest Buddhist structure Phra Pathom Chedi is located in Nakhon Pathom. This Buddhist structure is said to have been built when Buddhism had just been introduced in Southeast Asia in the 3rd century BC. The Indian ruler at the time Asoka, sent out a community of monks to spread the new religion over large parts of Asia. This historical landmark is also revered by locals and history enthusiasts alike due to the relics of the Buddha that are enshrined at the Phra Pathom Chedi.

Khmer Temples

As the name suggests, the Khmer Temples were built in Thailand under the rule of the Khmer kingdom around ten centuries ago. You’ll be surprised to see how well-preserved the temples are even after 1000 years. Dozens of Khmer temples are scattered across Northern Thailand. While most of the temples are located in far flung areas less frequently visited by tourists, there are three well-preserved temples that are flocked by tourists all year round – Phanom Rung, Muang Tum and Phimai.

Each of these temples were roughly built one thousand years ago and have been put on the tentative list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Thailand. The beautiful, carved structure of the temples will leave you completely awestruck.

Si Satchanalai Historical Park

The 45 km2  Satchanalai Historical Park contains the ruins of Si Satchanalai, a small town that flourished during the 13th and 14th century under the rule of Sukhothai kingdom. The park stands on the banks of Yom river surrounded by a natural forested area. The ancient city of Si Satchanalai was known for its exquisite glazed ceramic ware known as Sangkhalok ware.

To take a look at the remains of the excavated kilns, visit the local museum that opens daily from 9am till 4pm. You can get to the Si Satchanalai Park via air or by car. The quickest way to get to the park is by car; it’ll only take 30 minutes to reach.

These are some of the most famous historical sites to visit in Thailand especially if you are interested in learning about the culture and historical background of the country. There’s really no comparison as each historical landmark I’ve mentioned is beautiful in its own rite and has it own significance in history.

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Travels: Blue Ridge Mountains, USA




The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia are one of the most beautiful and iconic parts of the American landscape.

The mountains are home to the Blue Ridge Parkway, known as America’s Favorite Drive, and a portion of the Appalachian Trail, one of the most visited footpaths in the world.

Native Americans lived at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains before colonists began settling in the area in the early 1700s. Over the past three centuries, the Roanoke Valley in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains has emerged as the economic and cultural hub of Western Virginia.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are home to over 130 species of trees and 1,600 plant species that serve as a vital part of the local ecosystem. They also serve as part of the reason Virginia’s Blue Ridge is known for its stunning natural beauty.

The Blue Ridge Parkway winds through the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers the perfect opportunity to experience the wonder of this scenic landscape.

Constructed in 1935 as part of the New Deal to put Americans back to work after the Great Depression, the Blue Ridge Parkway connects the Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park while passing through 469 miles of mountainous terrain.

There are 47 National Heritage Areas along the Parkway as well as 369 miles of hiking trails and 382 paved scenic overlooks.

The mountains also provide the 5,700 feet of elevation range along this breathtaking route.

Because of its location and elevation in the mountains, the Roanoke Valley in Virginia’s Blue Ridge offers a mild climate that is comfortable year round. The average temperature is 55.8 degrees and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy all four seasons, including the unbelievably beautiful colors of our fall foliage.

With a population of over 300,000 people, Virginia’s Blue Ridge is a vibrant destination with world-class amenities.

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Amazing Facts you probably didn’t know about Seychelles Island




Seychelles is a paradise on Earth. The beautiful country is blessed with deep blue waters and white sandy beaches with exotic sea life, becoming a famous honeymoon destination. The 115-island country is within the Indian Ocean off East Africa and actually has the least population among independent African countries. Here are some facts about Seychelles that are quite interesting.

1 The Seychelles was once a pirate hideout, in particular Anse Forbans (Pirate’s Cove) on Mahé and Côte d’Or on Praslin. It is believed that famous pirate Olivier Levasseur hid a treasure worth more than $160,000 that remains unfound.

2 Bird Island is home to the heaviest land tortoise living in the wild, Esmeralda, who tips the scales at 670 pounds.

3. Breadfruit is very popular on the Seychelles and can be eaten in a variety of ways from fried to boiled. Legend has it that anyone who eats it while on the islands will return someday.

4 The coco de mer, native to the islands, produces the largest seed in the world. The distinctly shaped nut can weigh up to 33 pounds.

5 Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles, is the smallest in the world and can be easily explored on foot in less than a day.

6 James Bond author Ian Fleming visited the Seychelles in 1958 looking for adventure and inspiration for his then-latest collection of stories, For Your Eyes Only.

7 Moyenne Island in Saint Anne Marine National Park is believed to be haunted by a spirit that stands guard over buried treasure

8 The Seychelles has some of the rarest endemic birds, including the bare-legged Scops-owl, which is so rare that it was once thought to have become extinct before being rediscovered in 1959.

If you are thinking of a perfect place for a vacation or Baecation, Seychelles Island is just the best pick.

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